3 Inexpensive Web Development Tools

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    Even for experienced professionals, web development can be difficult. Without web authoring tool, users must have expertise at coding HTML,manipulating image files, transferring files over an FTP connection and be able to debug their sites when inevitable problems arise.

    Tools can help you create a good website, but some tools are expensive and cannot be bought with credit cards for bad credit. Here are some tools you can use that will not shrink your wallet. 

    1) Intuit Website Creator 

    Intuit, the company that makes popular business and personal finance tools, has released a web designing program that removes all coding requirements. With hundreds of templates, Intuit has a theme for almost any potential website. A wide selection of fonts, easy to use image management and on-demand site updating features ensure this tool’s useful for both beginners and advanced users. Intuit allows you to try their Website Creator software free for one month. If you wish to continue using their software, it costs only $7.99 per month. 

    2) SiteSpinner 

    SiteSpinner, developed by Virtual Mechanics, is a full-featured web development tool that offers a free fifteen day trial. Offering a code-free interface and a variety of templates, SiteSpinner’s
    most advanced features allow you to manipulate existing pictures and evencreate some of your own with its tools that allow you to make backgrounds,shapes and other graphical features. SiteSpinner also integrates itself into your website’s hosting platform, allowing you to avoid the hassles of FTP file transferring. 

    3) WebEasy Professional 

    Priced at just $49.95, WebEasy Professional is one the the easiest tools to use. Offering an accurate "what you see is what you get" approach, WebEasy offers a drag-and-drop interface and does not require you to do any coding. With over 600 templates, WebEasyoffers themes appropriate for any type of web site. It also comes with a built-in spelling checker, search engine optimization tools, social media integration features and the ability to add YouTube streaming and Google Maps to your site. 

    While web development can be challenging, modern, cheap tools can make the process significantly easier at a reasonable price. These programs allow you to build your page one piece at a time and enable you to tweak everything until you are satisfied. By removing bugs than can be expected to pop up when writing a website from scratch, these tools can actually make web development fun, artistic and rewarding. 

    After you have overcome the challenge of developing your website, you need somewhere to store it online. A reliable dedicated hosting provider will provide your website with space on their own dedicated server.

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    Lief is a creative freelance writer, blogger, iPhone and many other apps developers. His recent freelance project is a simple tool to check pnr status of train and air travelers.

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