7 Beautiful Vintage Envelope, Letter And Scrapbook Photoshop Tutorials

    written by Nikola Lazarevic

    Writing letters is nowadays forgotten technique. In this post you’ll find a showcase of 7 Beautiful Vintage Envelope, Letter And Scarpbook Photoshop Tutorials. Let’s go travel back in time!

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    Craft a Vintage Fifties Letter

    In this tutorial, Rafik Massoud shows how to create a fifties love letter with stamps, bent corner, and a a retro border using the brush engine, rectangle tool, layer styles, blend modes, and several intermediate techniques that are sure to propel you skills to the next level.


    Create An Old Envelope

    PS Hero shows how to create super cool old envelope.


    Creating Old Paper With Custom Brushes

    In this Photoshop tutorial PS Hero shows you how to create a Custom Brush using a folded piece of paper and then how to use that brush to create an old piece of paper.


    Letter from Florence

    In this video tutorial you will complete a composition from scanned images and textures. You will learn how to use the pen tool, experiment with blending Modes, expose yourself to Displace filter, short cuts and others. Experiment with your own scans and textures to come up with a creative composition.


    US Postage Stamp

    To send a letter you’ll need postage stamp. In this tutorial PS Hero shows how to create a US postage stamp using the marquee tool, a clipping mask and an image of your choosing.


    Scrapbooking… flipping through memories

    Scrapbooking, explore the creative digital process… In this video tutorial you will learn how to create custom brushes, combine memorabilia images, text, graphics and textures to create a story in a scrapbook album style.


    Old World Wax Seal

    At the end if you want to seal your letter you will need wax seal. PS Hero will show you how to create an old world style wax seal using just a few layers, layer styles and the pen tool.

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