• http://www.designjuices.co.uk jared thompson

    wow so many examples, and I do love a great whiskey.

  • http://artatm.com Rocky

    Nice collection but i never drink :)

  • http://www.admixweb.com Teylor Feliz

    Good List!

  • http://blog.zeemp.com Paulo

    I don’t drink, but now it’s understandable the power these brands have got in people imagination by these awesome designs.

    It is so well designed, that you want to taste them. :)

    ps: I’m not against drinking with moderation.

  • http://blog.zeemp.com Paulo

    The smell of whiskey boxes is better than drinking it. hehe

  • http://jornaldowhisky.wordpress.com/ Jornal do Whisky

    More sophisticated is the whisky, more they spend to develop the package design. Some of them are true masterpieces of design.