• Gonzo the Great says:

    April 8, 2012

    .. wow, lovely collection Nikola! Thanks for this inspiring post, .. even got some ideas ;-P

    Happy Easter, Cheers & Ciao ..

    • Nikola Lazarevic says:

      April 10, 2012

      glad you like it Jan :)

      Happy Easter bro!

  • ptamaro says:

    April 9, 2012

    These are fantastic, great selection Nik :)

  • Sri Ganesh.M says:

    April 10, 2012

    “The Dock of the Bay” inspiring ! i need a texture which look like ” paper folded and the bending lines should be there. i tried somewhere. i am getting vintage or grunge paper or old paper.

    any links ?

  • Samuel says:

    April 10, 2012

    Thanks for this nice collection of interesting designs; they all use some very interesting styles and techniques. These should really help me when I feel the need for a bit of inspiration. I like the futurism poster with its creative use of circular shapes that all have a uniqueness to their appearance while still looking the same.

    • Nikola Lazarevic says:

      April 10, 2012

      Hi Samuel, glad you enjoyed the selection!

  • Clipping Path says:

    April 10, 2012

    Fantastic collection i like your collection very much. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome post with us !!