• http://koch322.wix.com/bkoch Brian

    This is a great collection! My favorites are the Berlin 1936 games, the Sydney 2000 games and the Beijing 2008 games.

  • alana woods

    um hello? arnt you forgeting vancouver 2010???? like whys “montreal quebec” get credit but vancouver B.C. gets nothing

    • Ivan

      Just wild guess, this is collection of SUMMER Olympics posters?

      • http://webexpedition.wpengine.com/ Nikola Lazarevic

        yup, just as the title says: Olympic Summer Games Posters from 1896 to 2012


      Hey they are summer olympic posters not winter!

    • RN


    • Holly

      This type of comment makes me embarrassed to be Canadian sometimes

  • http://www.jasonbann.com Jason

    cool post. The mexico city Olympic graphic is pretty awful looking. Wow

    • kayleigh

      I thought that one was really well done. It’s reminiscent of those Mexican blankets.

  • http://sirjorge.net sirjorge

    the early versions are so cool, so simple

  • amila

    Olimpic game 1984 was in Sarajevo, BiH, not in Los Angeles.

  • http://google Ron

    Great to see some of the posters from the past, are you going to do the same with winter olympic posters { hope so }

    • http://webexpedition.wpengine.com/ Nikola Lazarevic

      you can see winter olympic games posters here

  • Shelly


  • http://www.miprv.com Ernesto

    So cool that one can trace the different styles through time from classic to modern and post modern

  • http://armandoartist.com Armando

    Berlin 36 & Barcelona 92 best
    Los Angeles 84 & London 2012 worst

    • http://classof1.com Classof1

      Amazing posters. Especially loved all the simple designs like Beijing 2012, nice usage of the blank space.

  • fredo

    I really like Mexico’s

  • http://www.thankful101.com Trina

    Great collection/post! Interesting that several of the earliest posters paid homage to the nude marathon runner/discus thrower. Also love the striking simplicity and symbolism of the Tokyo circle and rings.

    LA ’84 is among my least favorite posters, too, Armando.

  • Irv

    From Art to artless. From beauty to simplistic logos. Sad.