How To Create a Retro Grunge Apple Wallpaper in 5 Easy Steps in Photoshop

    written by Nikola Lazarevic

    Everybody loves the Apple logo, especially retro striped logo from 1977. In this tutorial I will show you how to create, a retro grunge Apple wallpaper, in Photoshop, just by following this 5 simple and easy steps. We will be combining Apple stripe logo with nice grunge texture and grunge brushes to create this beautiful wallpaper.

    Here is preview of what we are going to create.

    apple goes grunge

    STEP 1: Create Background

    Let’s start by creating new document in photoshop with size 1920x1200px. Fill the background with #cab18e.

    Since the Apple retro stripe logo is made from 6 stripes, we’re going to create background with same 6 stripes. Drag the vertical guidelines at following positions: 0px, 320px, 640px, 960px, 1280px, 1600px and 1920px.

    Create new layer. Now, pickup Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and draw a rectangle between first two guidlines as shown on the picture.

    Fill this layer with following color: #009edc. Name this layer blue stripe. Clear the selection. Apply following layer styles to this layer – stroke.

    Repeat this steps for the next 5 colors. Make selection with Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), create new layer, fill with color and apply layer style – stroke.

    STEP 2: Apple logo

    Download the Apple logo in all its exact proportions as an EPS file from Brands of the World.

    Open it in photoshop and drag it to the centre of the document. Scale and move into position.

    Open layer styles for logo layer and add a Bevel and Emboss effect to give a semi three-dimensional appearance.

    Then add Drop Shadow effect

    Duplicate logo layer, change blend mode to Overlay, and in the layer styles turn off Drop Shadow effect for this layer.

    STEP 3: Grunge Time!

    Download this beautiful grunge texture,

    copy and paste it into document, resize and position so that you are happy with it, and then change blend mode to Multiply.
    Ha, look at this! We’re almost there.

    STEP 4: More Grunge

    Create new layer above, reset foreground and background to black and white by pressing D on keyboard. Download Heavy Scratch brushes, open the brush tool (B), load Heavy Scratch brushes, pick up Scratch Heavy brush, set diameter to max 2500px, and paint with brush tool. Change blend mode to Overlay and opacity to 90%.

    Create new layer, press X on keyboard to switch foreground and background colors. Now white is foreground and black is background. Download the “Splatter brushes set” by clicking here. Pick up brush tool (B) and start painting with different splatters the way you like. I did also paint with Urban Decay Photoshop Brushes on this same layer.
    I didn’t want to have splatters over Apple logo, so i did Command + Click on apple logo layer to make selection, then click on layer with splatters and press Delete key.

    Change the blend mode to Overlay and lower opacity to 52%. What we have now is this:

    STEP 5: Add more datails

    Reset foreground and background colors by pressing D on keyboard. Create new layer, and then go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds. Change blending mode to Overlay and lower opacity to 70%.

    Now, select all color layers, invoke transform tool by presing Command + T on keyboard, and resize it, to be a little smaller then the background layer (around 10px on every side).

    This looks pretty good right now eh?
    It’s time for the final retro touch.
    To give more vintage look do next: Choose Create new fill or adjusment layer, choose photo filter, warming filter (85) for filter, set Density to 69% and click OK.

    And Voila! This is the end of this tutorial. Here is final result!

    apple goes grunge

    Hope You all enjoy it.

    Download Desktop Wallpaper

    available resolutions: 1920×1200

    Download iPhone Wallpaper

    available resolutions: 320×480

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