• http://psd-tutorial.com Ben

    Excellent mate. I would love to know how you do that vintage paper effect.
    You should do a tutorial on it!

    • http://webexpediton18.com Nikola Lazarevic

      Thanks Ben!

  • http://interactiveblend.com Lous Gubitosi

    wow, this is a great icon set! I will be using this soon… and thanks for including TheWebBlend!

    • http://webexpediton18.com Nikola Lazarevic

      Thanks Louis :) and thanks for sending your logo!

  • http://tech18.com Sunil Jain

    Well nice icons Nikola :) :)
    Thanks for your freebie :) :) :)

    • http://webexpediton18.com Nikola Lazarevic

      Thanks Sunil

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    Awesome set Nikola! I’m going to use in my new web site. thanks!

    • http://webexpediton18.com Nikola Lazarevic

      I’m so glad you like it Antonio and thank you!

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    Nice one bro!

    • http://webexpediton18.com Nikola Lazarevic

      Thanks bro :)

  • http://www.socialbookmarkingicons.com/ socialbookmarkingicons.com
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    Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

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    Hey Nikola! Great work here, I really like those icons. It’s really nice of you to share your talents.

  • http://cyberelectronicsonline.com/ Sonu Kothari

    Thanx for the useful set of icons… i will definitely be using them on my web sites… :) :)

  • http://www.alephnaught.com/Blog/ Bob Hays (@purplehayz)

    Love the “icon on creased paper” effect – nice for a grungy- or paper-themed site!

  • http://francoaverta.com.ar/blog Franco

    Amazing Icons Nikola, Thanks!!!

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    Cool, this set looks awesome Nikola, great work!

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    Great icon set, friend!

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    thank you man,these are really beautiful icons !

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    This is a very nice icon set, thanks for sharing!

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    Great icons. Thanks for sharing your talent and hard work!

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    Wow these look great!! I will pass them on to my students ;~D

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    Wow!! I loved this icon set, you rock!

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    good stuff you should do a tutorial on this : )

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    Nice Icon set :)

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    As i said to you m8….this ones are tasty :D pretty good ones! keep going the good work!!

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    Wonderful icons, can’t wait to use them. Thanks Ted.

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    Very good icons. Thanks:)

  • http://resourcehive.com JC

    Really nice! I really like the hand distressed look of each icon…and that the grunge isn’t too over the top. Really great work.

    I posted these on my resource collection site: Resource Hive @ http://resourcehive.com/2010/04/19/vintage-icon-set-for-bloggers-web-expedition-18/

  • http://kovshenin.com Konstantin

    Wow, awesome! One thing I noticed, if you Ctrl+Click the retweet button to open in a new tab (Firefox), it opens a blank page with some js code. I guess it’s a tweetmeme issue, but you could change the link to twitter.com with a preset status and bind an onclick event via jQuery. That way it’ll work with and without javascript + will handle Ctrl+Clicks fine.

    Cheers, ~K.

  • http://kovshenin.com Konstantin

    Another thing I noticed that the tweetmeme button takes the current URL and shortens it, so if I’m on /comment-page-1/ then the tweeted link will lead to /comment-page-1/, which is not really what you need, right? Try passing on the_permalink() via their js API.

    ~K ;)

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    Nice Set Bro! gud work

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    Great icons! :)

  • http://webexpediton18.com Nikola Lazarevic

    Thank you all for positive comments, I’m so proud now!

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    nice icons, we like to know how do you create that vintage effect nikola !!

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    Thanks a lot. They are really awesome.

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    It’s really well done! Respect to author.

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    oh nice icon set loved it.

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    Incredible icons, fantastic work Nikola :)

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    thanks….nice it

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    I love them soooooooo much!! You can’t imagine…

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    FANTASTIC – just love them

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    Looks nice and neatly done. I appreciate very much these icons. Las Vegas Web Design

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    Awesome… thanks for sharing!

  • Wendy

    Hi Nikola,

    Great work with those icons! I already use them on my site. I’m just missing one icon I really would like to use: foursquare. Is it possible to make this one as well? :D

    Thanks in advance, hope to hear from you!

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    These are awesome. I will definitely use on my blog. Thank you.

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    good job! I’ve a question: where can i found a grunge icon skype?

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    very, very nice set indeed ;)

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    Great, grunge icons. I intend to sue them with my new blog :)
    Thank you for sharing!

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    Awesome Set Thanks For The Share..

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    i love this set! although i’m looking for an icon for Dailybooth.com too :(