Useful Web Typography Tools

    written by Nikola Lazarevic

    Typographic art has become a movement on the web. We appreciate the efforts of designers who come up with great typographic techniques and tools and share their knowledge with fellow designers. Now it’s time to present a beautiful fresh dose of web typography-related tools.

    Below is a collection of excellent typography-related tools, with most being geared toward helping you work with CSS typography.

    Typographic Grid

    Useful Web Typography Tools
    This premade CSS grid by Chris Coyier is composed to a vertical rhythm. It’s a great starting point for anyone working with CSS typography.


    Useful Web Typography Tools
    This tool has a drag-and-drop interface for composing typography that aligns to a web layout grid. There are a number of features available including an automatic mathematical scale so that you don’t have to pull out your calculator while working with CSS typography.


    Useful Web Typography Tools
    Baseline is a typographic framework that adheres to a baseline grid. It features a CSS reset and basic style rules for HTML text, web forms, and some of the new HTML5 elements.

    Flipping Typical

    Useful Web Typography Tools
    Flipping typical is a tool where you can see various types of flipping.

    CSS-Typeset Matrix and Code Generator

    Useful Web Typography Tools
    This tool will help convert your units of measurement into em as well as help you find margins and spacing values based on the font sizes and line-heights you specify.

    CSS Type

    Useful Web Typography Tools
    CSS type set is a typography tool allowing designers and developers to interactively test and learn how to style their web contents.

    The Web Font Combinator

    Useful Web Typography Tools
    This tool was created in order to preview web font combinations. Currently this tool only uses fonts supplied by the Google Font Directory, as well as a handful of common system fonts.


    Useful Web Typography Tools
    Web fonts are here, sparking an exciting new era in web design. FFFFALLBACK makes it easy to find the perfect fallback fonts, so that your designs degrade gracefully.


    Useful Web Typography Tools
    Typechart is a showcase of different font combinations, with easy-to-grab CSS for each combination.

    Font Tester

    Useful Web Typography Tools
    FontTester allows you to test various fonts side by side for comparing and contrasting. Test out different font combinations and styles and then grab the CSS.

    Font Picker

    Useful Web Typography Tools
    This simple tool shows you all the fonts installed on your computer and helps you choose which one is most suitable for a particular project.

    Type Tester

    Useful Web Typography Tools
    Choose fonts installed in your computer and then play around with its line-height, letter-spacing, and so forth.

    @font-face Generator

    Useful Web Typography Tools
    An online generator for creating ready-to-use kits for your fonts, using @font-face.

    Web Font Specimen

    Useful Web Typography Tools
    Because web type renders differently with only subtle CSS adjustments, seeing it exercised in a variety of ways can help web designers typesetÑand also help them decide which typefaces to purchase for their projects.

    PX to EM

    Useful Web Typography Tools
    Simply pick a desired body font-size in any of the four units of measurement (px, em, % or pt) and it will convert it to em for you.


    Useful Web Typography Tools
    Fillerati is a Lorem ipsum alternative having different sample texts from different books and novels. It generates random paragraphs for you to use in sample text while designing website.


    Useful Web Typography Tools
    Readability turns any web page into a clean and comfortable reading view by removing the clutter around what you’re reading.

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  • Gonzo the Great says:

    November 20, 2011

    Hi Nikola,

    and again, a very useful post! A couple of these tools mentioned I almost use on a daily basis, but also some new stuff. Thanks for sharing, Cheers & Ciao ..

  • Webdesign Blog says:

    November 23, 2011

    Very nice collection. Fillerati is definitely one of the best Lorem ipsum alternatives I ever seen.