Author: Nikola Lazarevic

Dribbble is not only an awesome place to be inspired by many talented designers, but it’s also a place where you can find some fantastic free PSD files. We dived into dribbble and handpicked some of the finest and free PSDs shared by various designers. Tweet

I really like retro and vintage stuff: websites, posters, print, ads, everything. So, in this article I am going to showcase creative beautifully-designed websites that revert back in time to retro and vintage styles. I hope you enjoy it :) Tweet

Content and image sliders have become very popular in recent years. With jQuery you can enjoy new way of web development and image galleries are the best way to use it effectively! Here you’ll find 15 awesome jQuery image and content sliders plugins, and the best of all they are free. Tweet

It’s time go on a journey again, back to the early twentieth century via some of the most beautiful and inspiring vintage railway posters. Remarkable, eye-catching posters, with their unique charm, are vivid reminders of the excitement and adventure of travel by trains. What follows is an extraordinary collection of vintage railway posters. All aboard!…

Braun GmbH, formerly Braun AG, is a German consumer products company based in Kronberg, Germany. From the mid-1950s, the Braun brand was closely linked with the concept of German modern industrial design and its combination of functionality and technology. In 1956, Braun created its first design department, headed by Dr. Fritz Eichler, who instituted a…

CSS3 is here, it’s fun, and allows us to evolve the look of the web as we go. Features like gradients, drop shadows, rounded corners, animations, and opacity are giving us the promise of more fun. In this post we’ve collected some new and brilliant tutorials that will help you in mastering your CSS3 skills….

Box-shadow is a powerful property in modern browsers and we can make some really cool stuff with it. Let’s walk through basics of box-shadow property and then take it to the next level with ::before and ::after pseudo elements. Tweet

Designing a unique, compelling portfolio has become a crucial task for designers, studios, companies and everyone whose business is on the Web. In this post you can see a collection of 25 kick ass portfolio websites that will hopefully become useful inspiration source for you. Tweet

Apple Computer Inc. was established on April 1st, 1976 and incorporated on January 3rd, 1977. Apple first started advertising its products in the late 1970s. Here’s a amazing compilation of some of Apple’s most notable advertisements from the 70s until the 2002. It’s amazing how much the Apple product line and technology in general has…

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